The Basics of Backgammon Money Games

Due to its nature as a strategy game, backgammon is ideal for gambling. There are instructions that determine how to play backgammon in money games. However, before one can play, they need to practice on free money games first.

Although the manner of playing these games may vary, understanding and making them benefit can be the key to a player's success in money games. Without further adieu, here now are the rules on playing backgammon money games.

Doubling Cube

The doubling cube is an option that is used for increasing stakes in backgammon match play. Compared to a standard cube, it has the numbers 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 on its face. It can be a strategic tool used by a player who thinks they have the advantage over the other. The doubling cube can be injected several times during the game.

The rules on how to play backgammon clearly states that whenever a player receives an offer to double, they can either refuse or accept. If you are the one who receives such offer, refusing the offer means that you are forfeiting the match.

A beaver is another feature that is used in playing backgammon money games. In this rule, if a player receives an offer to double, they can counter with an offer to re-double right away in order to become the owner of the cube. If the first player who offers the double declines the offer, they lose the game and pay twice the stakes. On the other hand, if they accept the offer, the game will now have four times the stake. This situation is known as raccoons.

The Crawford Rule, from the name of John Crawford, states that once a player is close to a point from victory, the option to double from the opponent as well as the doubling cube is taken away from the picture. If the player who is behind is the winner, the offer to double is carried over to the succeeding game.

With the Jacoby rule, gammons and backgammons are equivalent to one point if none of the players made an offer to double. The Jacoby Rule is designed to take away situations where a player refuses to offer a double so that they can aim for a gammon.

In a regular backgammon rule, tournaments are commonly played as an elimination system. Half of the competitors are eliminated per round with the sole surviving participant declared as the winner. They are very popular on the Internet. However, before entering tournaments, one should first play in a regular backgammon game.

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