Mastering the Rules of Backgammon

While there are many board games that has been established over the years, backgammon has withstood the test of time and achieved great success. Its continued popularity within a wide circle is a clear proof of the convenience of learning how to play backgammon.

If you are a new to backgammon, learning how to setup the board is probably one of the first things that you need to master. While there might be slight modifications in opening positions of the counters in different backgammon variations, the standard set-up divides the board into twenty four triangular points. The main objective which is to become the first player to bear off all their pieces can be easily understood.

Beginners can easily learn the concept of moving the checkers based on the result of the dice throw. There are additional instructions such as when to allow hitting or blocking your opponent's pieces that you can easily learn. The most difficult task in learning how to play backgammon is not mastery of the rules but on developing an effective strategy. Although reading them can be a good starting point, mastery of strategies can only be learned through constantly playing both offline and online backgammon.

While mastering backgammon rules is easy and fast, there should be a starting point. For some, reading the rules printed on the cover of a backgammon game they got as a present may be sufficient. However, there are so many things that you need to learn that the game box cannot simply present. In the last half century, many books have been published that offer extensive backgammon rules as well as playing guidelines.

In addition, there are vital "hands-on" rules that can be learned on the Internet. When looking for a free backgammon game, you can find a number of sites offering backgammon downloads.

Internet backgammon lets you compete against opponents from various countries and it is likewise a venue for mastering backgammon rules. These instructions are displayed on the site and can be printed. However, most players find it more convenient to learn these instructions by playing free backgammon games against the computer.

The most effective way of learning how to play backgammon is by competing in an actual game against the computer. You can easily play backgammon against your friend or relative but if they did not have proper understanding of backgammon rules then chances are you might be making an illegal move. Backgammon software is designed to make valid moves as well as allow its human counterpart to make legal moves.

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