Ensuring a Successful Backgammon Venture

Learning how to play backgammon is more likely nowadays than it was centuries ago. During the ancient times, the only means of teaching this game was through the father teaching their son or by observing how the game is played. The ancient people could not rely on books since the printing press was not available yet. At the same time, many of the people were illiterate.

Since the introduction of the first backgammon rules during the 1740s, there was an increase in available resources about backgammon and the last 70 years saw an increase in play and strategy guides. However, the most significant development that opened up doors for learning and playing were the free backgammon game.

Most online backgammon sites provide the opportunity to play the game for free and the opportunity to play against a computer at different skill levels. Aside from that, these sites have a collection of information ranging from basic moves, board set-up, advanced strategies, gambling tips, and tales about popular backgammon champions.

While there is a proliferation of resources that teach you how to play backgammon, the task of focusing on one task becomes enviable. Backgammon is considered as one of the simplest games to learn and so there is no cause for worrying about spending so much time studying the game. However, you still need to devote some time in learning particular areas.

For a beginner, learning the basic movement of checkers around the 24 points of the backgammon layout should be your top priority. The opening positions can be easily mastered as well as how to advance them based on the roll of the dice.

As soon as basic knowledge has been acquired and mastered, the next step is for you to take advantage of the free games offered by Internet backgammon. As a novice, you should set your sights on learning the starting moves and the areas of hitting and building primes.

Aside from the resources offered by online backgammon sites, it is suggested that you purchase or lend some books that provide extensive information about these areas of backgammon tactics. From these literature, you will find out, for instance, that it will be worth trying to occupy points 2 and 3 in your home board at the beginning of the game since this can block the couple of checkers that your opponent has placed in your home board.

Finally, backgammon resources will discuss the best positions to hit an opponent's blot and that is in their own home board where hitting can be most effective.

There are other references accessible on the Internet as well as off it if for novice players looking to make the most out of their backgammon experience.

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