Learning Backgammon 101

Learning how to play backgammon on the Internet is as easy as playing traditional backgammon. You need to bear in mind that backgammon is a race to become the first player to remove all their checkers before their opponent can do the same.

The movement of the checkers is determined by the throw of the dice as well as your ability to analyze and experience. While the outcome of the dice roll determines the number of squares you will advance your pieces, it is still up to you to evaluate the best possible move from that dice throw.

According to regular backgammon rules, a couple of checkers should occupy the 24 point, five on point 13, three on the 8, and five more on point 6. There are different game variations such as Acey-deucey were the positioning of the checkers will dependent on the rules applied to that variation. However, such lineament is immaterial in traditional backgammon which is the one commonly played on the Internet.

When the checkers are already in their proper places, the players will throw a dice to determine the sequence of play. Whoever has the highest throw starts the game. If both players yield the same number, an additional roll is required to break the tie. Afterwards, checkers take turns in advancing their checkers in a counter clockwise direction going to their home board.

A checker can only occupy a point if it is vacant or if only one of the opponent's checkers is on it. If there is only a single checker on a certain point, the opponent can hit that checker and be sent to the bar. In order for that piece to rejoin the game, there must be an available point in the opponent's home board as determined by the throw of the dice. If not, that checker should stay on the bar and is barred from making any more moves.

Points that have multiple checkers occupying them should be ignored if the roll of the dice shows that it is not included in the destination points. When all the checkers have reached the home board, they will be removed from the board depending on the roll of the dice. Whoever bears off their pieces first is declared the winner.

If you want to broaden your knowledge of how to play backgammon, there are plenty of resources available on the Internet that can help you become an expert in the game.

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