Backgammon Then and Now

With the exemption of some sectors, backgammon is virtually unheard of unless the game is being played online. This was not the case 5,000 years ago when the game was first invented by the ancient Mesopotamians. Not many people know that backgammon was already around even before chess was introduced, thereby making it one of the earliest games still in existence.

Since it was first introduced, there were minimal changes about the guidelines on how to play backgammon. The game itself withstood several civilizations such as the Greeks, Persians, Egyptians, and Romans. This is proven by the various games that have been excavated. Previously, the set-up of the board had 3 rows consisting of ten squares. This game was called Senat.

Many years later, the only major innovation was the introduction of the doubling cube, which was added to the game in the early years of the 1900's. With the addition of the doubling cube, backgammon became an interesting and intriguing board game.

As prominent as its effect in all aspects of life, the technology of the Internet injected new interest in the game of backgammon. Online backgammon rooms started thriving as quickly as virtual poker and other games of luck.

Nowadays, finding other people who share the same interest can be a breeze. All that a player has to do is sign-up and log on to any reliable and established websites any time they feel the urge to play and they can easily find an opponent to play against. To generate traffic to their sites, owners of websites began providing monetary incentives and other attractive bonuses and their ploy seems to be working.

Being a beginner is not a hindrance for a person not to be able to play backgammon. In fact, another way that site owners generate traffic is by offering free backgammon games. This gives novice players a chance to learn about the game and hone their skills. When they are confident enough, they can try out playing backgammon for money.

So if you have not yet tried playing backgammon, then you could be missing a lot. You can easily pick up important reminders on how to play backgammon and once you learn the game, you will find out how addicting it could be. Every round is a challenge and learning experience and this will work to your advantage because you could pick up new strategies. So when looking for the perfect board game, try backgammon.

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